Automatic Irrigation

Automatic Irrigation

Your landscape is located at lowest and driest climate in the region. Put your concern with us. We have experts to plan and implement an automated irrigation system which will minimal the manual intervention. This is the best adaptable system of irrigation considering the living style in UAE. Automatic Irrigation Services Dubai

Mainscape design irrigation systems for all types of landscape projects, from villas to large public Automatic Irrigation Services Dubaiparks. Water conservation is the main criteria of all Irrigation designs. And we used highest quality materials installed by trained professionals. Our Irrigation system provides adequate water based on plant water requirements. Water requirement may vary depending on plant size, type, turf grass area and other environmental factors. Automatic Irrigation Services Dubai

An Automatic Sprinkler System Installed By Mainscape LLC will save you money on your water bill, While protecting our Environment and Water saving.

Our system will deliver the right amount of water to each area of your landscape.

No more worrying about over-watering or under-watering.

No more wasteful run-off when you forget to move or turn off the hose.

No need to worry about a rainstorm. All our systems are installed with rain sensors, which will shut your system off automatically when it rains.

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