Flooring Work

Flooring Work

Floors help protect industrial floors against further damage and degeneration due to abrasion, Flooring Work Company Dubaichemical corrosion and wear and tear especially due to vehicular loads. Flooring Work Company Dubai

Our extensive range include flooring and other related architectural products and accessories that are sourced from all over the developed world and manufactured by experts in their relative fields. Extensive research and development has been undertaken to ensure our products are of the highest quality and have undergone strict testing during the manufacturing process. Flooring Work Contract Company Dubai.

Mainscape LLC specializes in different kinds of flooring and other related architectural products required in the hospitality, corporate, commercial & the sports market segments.

We specialists in various aspects of flooring including design, supply and installation.
The products we have include Commercial & Hospitality carpets, Raised access flooring, Hard wood & Rubber flooring. We bring in a depth and experience unrivalled within the industry.

We are active in the following sectors:

  • Commercial Offices
  • Schools
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Mosque & Prayer Rooms

Coastal advices on the most suitable type of floor coverings and provide a complete measuring estimating and tender service. Whatever type of contract flooring you require, we do supply & installation on time.

Parquet flooring is popular with many home owners and Commercial Places worlwide for several reasons. It is decorative, durable and relatively easy to maintain. For general maintenance, cleaning your parquet floor will keep it looking appealing and enhance the beauty of your floor.

Parquet is beautiful, quality flooring that attracts the eyes and amazes the mind, something you will love from the moment it is placed in your home or Business center to many years after.

As we want to bring new innovation in solid wood flooring solutions, Mainscape LLC work in partnership with world class manufacturing from German, Korea, Japan, high quality and affordability. We have our own expert manpower and expertise to install your paquets and vinyl flooring. We are Flooring Work Company Dubai,UAE

We will always be committed to providing exceptional products to our customers and embracing the values that make us an exemplary global corporate citizen

Mainscape Services are provided with best quality at an in-expensive budget.

Mainscape Services are delivered within stipulated time.
On time every time.

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