Landscaping Lighting

Landscaping Lighting

Landscape lighting or garden lighting refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens Landscaping Lighting Service Dubaiand public landscapes; for the enhancement and purposes of safety, night time aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses. Mainscape provides Landscaping Lighting Service Dubai

Professional outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your home. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique styling of your home’s outdoor lighting, while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.

Our landscape lighting systems utilize the highest quality fixtures in the industry. The solid copper and brass path lights and spot lights that patina over time with a beautiful verdigris finish, blending seamlessly into the existing landscape.

Mainscape LLC make the most of your landscaping with professional landscape lighting that’s tailored for trees, gardens, fountains, pathways, statues and other backyard features. Our lighting design experts orchestrate the outdoor lighting fixtures to set the mood you want — whether it’s soft and romantic, or cheerfully lit. We can even add a touch of color with warm washes of golden light, adding vibrancy and charm. If your landscaping could talk, it would thank you for making it look so terrific.

Beautifully designed landscape lighting is a great way to enhance your home or commercial property. At Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, we create lighting designs that will allow you to enjoy all parts of your property at night, and your landscape is a large part of that.

The best landscape lighting systems will take 4 things into account: traveled pathways, color, trees and statement objects.

Path lights can be installed along the sides of walkways whether they are paved or not to provide adequate light to walk. Path lighting is the most frequently used technique, but moonlighting, with its beautiful shadow effect, can also be used to light pathways.

Gardens and landscaping bring color and vibrancy to an outdoor living space, but all too often it becomes masked in the night’s darkness. Strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures can keep those pops of color visible night and day.

The key to a successful installation and a great landscape lighting design is the proper use of lighting fixtures. The correct type of lightings and the number of lights installed are crucial in making your landscape stand out especially at night. But aside from these factors, we don’t forget your preferences. As a client, you have the final say on the design and type of lightings that we can install in your property. When there is proper collaboration with clients, a magnificent and more functional landscape will be achieved.

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